Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Reclaimed Lumber for Home Improvement

Thanks to savvy dealers, demolition experts and ordinary people who rescue building materials, appliances and plumbing fixtures from homes destroyed, there is a good supply of valuable recycled lumber and other materials to build a house ready to be recycled and reused.

Here are some resources to cut the cost of your project to create and improve using reclaimed lumber and building materials.

Architectural salvage yards: Modern green-building principles meet the architecture of the past in the park is the historic find. Walking through a dealer has to offer, and you may find replacement hardware, a period-correct fixture or an amazing garden ornament. Salvage Teachers travel far and wide to collect the nearly-priceless artifacts and destruction carried away, and the extent of their knowledge is as valuable as the stories they are amazing. Visit the online yards Ohmega Salvage and Recycling The Past to get a feel of the coast-to-coast for the latest in rescue looking for, and then dig in with a visit to your local dealer.

Home recycling center section: Less-glamorous items but can also be used as closets and floors available from the recycling center. Contractors and homeowners often donate excess new materials and remodeling cast-offs for recycling by others. Some centers also extend kindness to donate part or all of their income to support needed services and green efforts in their communities.

Online classifieds: Be sure to browse online destinations like Craigslist for local deals and steals. You can find everything from new entry doors to work for railway projects in the landscape between the lists, and caution, common sense approach, committing to buy and pick up the item in a short time.

Internet-based boutique: collective online such as Etsy has a number of independent vendors who offer these great vintage furniture, fixtures and equipment by original art and handmade. Reclaim Eames-era chair for your living room renovated and accessorize with a nouveau-retro, artist-signed prints in one stop!

Combine a limited home improvement budget with the desire to go green and you will soon find many ways to use recycled wood and other reclaimed materials to save big on the project next home improvement project.

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