Monday, April 29, 2013

You Choose Success

Have you ever said "Why is it so hard for me when I kept reading about how success will come easily to everyone?"

I do not usually use a sports analogy, but it is only appropriate to set it. So first, I must explain that, if you take a 10 round boxing match or not, as long as I choose to fight business.

Round 1: Just ring the bell first, starting a business or invention - fit, hungry and invincible.

Round 2-4: Great things are happening, every day sees a new customer or a new door opens. The new benchmark defeated and adrenaline flowing.

Round 5: Your confidence sets in. The crowd and media in your corner. You work harder than ever and is now involved with other people who depend on you. It was only a matter of time before you turn the corner.

Round 6: You know you are only four round distance, but are now beginning to feel the weight of your gloves. Suddenly near exhaustion, and fear was replaced with excitement.

Round 7: The Rush of the first bell is a faint memory. You understand your business better than ever, and you have to take some hard knocks. Just when you think that your momentum will carry you, some of the weaknesses in your preparation to pronounce your guard down. Emerged as a problem product or vendor.

Round 8: Once you face your biggest challenge, competition arises, call your last reserves of energy and mental prowess.

Round 9: In an effort to find inspiration, read about 10 companies like yours achieve triple digit growth in half the time. Each story is accompanied with a picture of the CEO and his family to the Cayman Islands or enjoy a hot chocolate in a ski lodge in Vail - with the support of the "same" as their nanny. Instead of being inspired by a story, a feeling that things are not fair start crawling.

Round 10: Last round: What do you do?

There are several options:

You can give up. You may decide to just skip rounds and see what happens. Or you can decide to win.

The first thing to point out that this is primarily about your decision. You made it through nine rounds, so you can definitely make it through another if you choose to. The more important question is, how do you make it through?

 From what I have seen, may be more debilitating than the worst blow and challenge the perception that you have felt, while "others" who are raking in, you struggle every day for every $ 100 - or every dollar. Note that I use the term There are certain people who hit it big with their services or products at a very early stage "perception.". I have nothing but respect and appreciation for their examples and their successes. After all, we do not know the face of the struggle of others, and that many successful entrepreneurs aspire to achieve.

Their success is not a problem, the problem is the effect on you is in the media, especially the business media "perception.", A story that proves business Finding the American dream. While I show people at many stages of their business on my blog, I am a success story too often. This popular story and may have beneficial effects for many readers. But I tell you that there is another story that, despite appearances, the company is actually in the throes of rounds 7-9, and struggling.

Take me to the "perception" problem second. Glorified in our culture is a "success" - especially after overcoming adversity. Therefore, businessmen in the midst of the difficulties they had to put the most positive face, hoping to come soon, media support, on the other hand. In the second book, I interviewed many of the most successful women in business today. Many of them face a risky business situations before they hit it big.

Regularly, I meet and interact with employers in both services and business products. Many companies, including some that appear very financially secure and successful, face serious challenges. It is true today, and it was before the economic crisis.

My main point is this: If you're in the next round and start looking for insight on how you did. . . no. What you see may be right or wrong. But anyway, it does not tell you what you need to know. Instead, look inside and ask yourself, Well, let's say, put on your gloves, put your chin down, eliminate outside noise "Did I win?", And give Your best shot. No results of your business, you fight the winner.

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